Monday, April 4, 2011

I have finally taken the plunge in AK-47

After much hemming and hawwing I finally dropped the charade and ordered my army. I will be running a Cuban Intervention Force in Angola. I have ordered 6xT-55, 6x BTR-60, a ton of regular infantry, a battery of towed guns and enough militia to fill out the list. I spent less than $150.00 total (which suprised me) and I will be putting together a few bits and bobs of terrain to go with the force.

Progress reports to follow.


  1. You sir, are a magnificent bastard.

  2. Why, thank you.
    Likewise as well.

    I just hope they get here faster than the stuff Pat ordered....his last order is a couple of weeks old and still in transit!
    On the other hand it isn't as if I have no other projects in progress......