Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Keep This In Mind! 15MAY21

I got this email from Rod Cain.

Rodney Cain <flintgameconvention@gmail.com>
Mon, Feb 1 at 5:27 PM
By now hopefully you all are aware we had to move the date for flintcon and will not be able to hold it this Saturday Feb 6th.

We plan to try again in May so please look at your calendars and see if you can join us on Saturday, May 15th.  Same venue and format as always!

We hope by then to be back to some sense of normal and be able to host the convention safely with all the food and fun we usually have at flintcon.

I hope to see you there and we will keep you posted if things change.

For those that needed more time to prep that game, here you go!



  1. Replies
    1. Are you going to out of town on the 15th of May?
      Sure beats just being cancelled

    2. I can't plan that far ahead with the current governor.

    3. After pulling the plug the day before St Patrick's day and then again the day before Thanksgiving you can't count n anything. All we can hope for is a recall or impeachment

  2. The governortrix will not allow such things. She will step in and crush the potential fun.

    1. Amen.. Off with the heads of the unclean peasants

  3. I have never been so happy to get to go to the Health department in my life. Thursday Laura and I are both going to the county mounties for our first round of the silver bullet. Three cheers and a Toger for US. The 15th of May is looking better! Still the day after our Anniversary so it may well not work, but it could become possible.