Saturday, March 6, 2021

Wargames Atlantic 28mm Napoleonic British 95th Rifles

       I have never been shy about my enthusiasm for plastic figures. They are cheaper, lighter, and can be better detailed and more accurately sculpted than metal miniatures. In addition they are more easily modified or repaired. Over the past few years the quality of the plastic soldier industry has gone from strength to strength, with this latest issue from Wargames Atlantic it may be approaching it's apogee, they are simply superb. Cast in a medium gray firm plastic and showing excellent detail, no flash and only the faintest of mold-lines these castings represent the state of the art in modern polystyrene molding. In addition the detail is spot-on and posing of the miniatures is natural and dynamic. Move over Perry boys, Wargames Atlantic has arrived in the big league!

back of the box

box with contents,
eight identical sprues of four figures each

sprue side A 
the clever use of a split-torso figure allows you to build an officer or an ordinary rifleman

sprue side B
not really a lot of weapons choices, but historically the 95th didn't get much choice
the (Bernard Cornwell canon) multi-barreled gun is a choice however

the proportions and posing is natural and convincing

the detail is crisp and the uniform is accurate by my research

excellent faces, ten different heads for four bodies 
some of whom may have appeared in a certain BBC series

the split-torso figure allows you to make a sword-waving officer or a regular lad with a rifle

I think that I recognize a face or two here....

       An absolutely smashing set of minis. My only concern (and it is a small one) is that with only four basic poses it could be a fair bit of work to avoid same-looking figures ( and I will admit that is an issue that troubles me FAR more than most folks). Crisp detail, characterful faces, excellent proportions and posing and a very good price all contribute to making this a must-have for any gamer considering Napoleonic British in 28mm.

      Very, Very  Highly Recommended!


  1. Thanks for the review Anton! They do look great. Incidentally, how do they compare to Perry’s plastic riflemen? Thanks 😀👍🏼

  2. nice review, hopefully mine will arrive one day soon and i can see them.

  3. Great review and thanks for bringing them to my attention. I suppose the way around it I’d to mix with Perrys for variety if that’s possible . Or be historical and only play them as small units do that way you keep small amount of choices together

  4. Great review, thanks!
    How do they compare to other manufacturers miniatures?