Thursday, January 25, 2018

Pictures from Spartacon

      While I was busy playing a game in the first round and running a game in the second J&R had a chance to prowl the hall at the Lansing Center, he took the opportunity to record many of the games on display there. Although I had but a cursory glance at the tables my impression was that the quality of the visual impact of the games was impressive. All games were participation games and everybody seemed to be having a jolly time. I am trying to attribute the games to the presenter and identify the rules used, please correct me if I am wrong!

Paul Makoski gave us the simply stunning Samurai Skirmish game
I must confess that I am very jealous of his boat

John does lovely work and every piece is an original
I won a lot of his buildings....he owns a lot of my money ;)

Phil DeWitt gave us this massive Pacific Theater game, 
which was probably the largest Bolt Action Game ever played in North America


Michael Harris presented Vietnam War 20mm
Mekong Delta, Cambodia 1967
Charlie Don't Surf (streamlined)


the quaint English countryside erupted in chaos
 English Civil War byGlen Cooley


​Mike Wedding gave us The Battle of the Rosebud
in 15mm, zillions of  lovely figures


this game wasn't attrubuted in the Spartacon website so somebody please tell me about it!
very nice figures, by the way

 Crusades in 28mmby Rod Cain
I wish my cavalry looked that good!

Zeppelin Raid using Wings of Glory rules Chris Maes
Chris had a glorious model of a Zepplelin, 
which somehow escaped being photographed by both myself and J&R!


Ancients, 25mm Romans vs Dacians
Jeff Duncan


American Civil War - 15mm Johnny Reb rules
Jerry Scarborough & Tod Redfern

I love it when it looks like a aerial photograph.....

Regimental Fire & Fury, War of 1812 Variant
6mm Baccus Miniatures
The Battle of Chippewa, Ontario, Canada, 5 July 1814
Lowell Hamilton

OK, now I'm sad; my 28mm figures don't look that nice!


the siege of the Castillo de San Marcos 1704
modified Pikeman's Lament rules
WSS (now Warlord) 28mm plastic soldiers and Foundry Pirates



 John Brown’s Raid
Harpers Ferry, 28mm
Heavily Armed Terrorists Seize Government Buildings and Hostages,
 Local First Responders Attempt Rescue, but Marines Are Deployed for Action
Ganesha Games -  “Flying Lead”
Bob and Rob Beattie


American Civil War, 15mm
Chris Maes
Johnny Reb rules 

Colonial Sudan, 1880s Fire and Sword in the Sudan
Description: The Brits launch a punitive expedition to destroy a Dervish village.  
Can the Fuzzie's stop them?
Rules: The Men Who Would Be Kings, 15mm
Scott Hansen

World War 2, 15mm Russian Front
Larry Smith. looks like Fireball Forward rules


Ancients, 20mm Romans vs Barbarians
Tod Kershner 


 Napoleonic, 15mm Battle of Hanau
John Holcomb & Larry Finazzo
Age of Eagles rules

 ​War of 1812, 25mm by Jim Wonacott 
looks like Sharpe Practice Rules

World War 2, Air Battle Western Desert
Check your 6! rules
Dave Winfree 

World War 2, Naval Battle
Ron Vandermolen

Arab-Israeli War, 1/285
Mark Vannortwick



I can't find an attribution for these very nice looking ancients, 
somebody please give me a hand here!


  1. Most impressive pictures and tables, love this terrific jungle!

  2. I do like posts of game conventions and seeing the variety of games. Pretty neat that you’re able to label them all, that’s more than I could do. Hope you had a good time there.

  3. Thanks for sharing those photos, nice to see what other people are doing in the great state of Michigan. Your Fortress looks absolutely superb set up on the table. Bravo sir! Worth all the effort!


  4. How awesome! Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great variety on display. cheers

  5. Great Samurai game.."I am trying to attribute the games to the presenter and identify the rules used, please correct me if I am wrong!"

    I'd be interested if they are available.

  6. Sadly I couldn't be there. We were cruising in the Caribbean

  7. I'll second the request for the samurai rules, if possible to find and disseminate, pretty please!

  8. What a marvellous model! Kudos for allowing teenagers in the fortress. ;-)