Monday, July 23, 2018

Did Somebody say Blood Bowl?

I like Blood Bowl! 

Here is my old Lizard Team. 

They were undefeated, in one case because J & R forced me to score a touchdown, but that is a different post. 

Here are the six Sauri (sp?)  they are the "meat of the team.  Strength 4 Armor 9.  Can not pick up a ball to save their species existence (agility 1), but fantastic in all other ways. 

Here are the Skinks.  With an agility of 3 (very average) they handle all the scoring for the Lizards. 

Here is the big boy of the team, a Kroxigor.  Typical of the game strength 5 but has a disturbing habit of sitting around and doing nothing at awkward times. 

I will not be using the Lizards this time though.  Here is my Chaos Dwarf team.  A strong contender for my team in this league. 

Up to six of the basic Chaos dwarves.  Basically standard dwarves, their difference is in how they progress during the season as they can mutate. 

These are the big boys of the team.  Two Bull Centaurs flank the Minotaur.  The Bull centaurs are strong (4) and can be very fast (up to 9 per turn).  Good armor too, but low agility (2).  The Minotaur is unique among the game's bigs.  He has the lowest armor (8), and is tied for the highest potential strength (6 on a blitz). 

The remainder of the team are Hobgoblins.  Not easy to harm like regular goblins and also stronger than regular goblins, they unfortunately have no skills to start the game.  Just cheap easy fillers for the team roll. 

The other team I am thinking about is a Vampire team. 

There are only two types of players on a Vampire team.  These are thralls, just basic humans who want to hang around with vampires.  They are really no different than the Hobgoblins on the Chaos Dwarf team. 

Of course the other players on a Vampire team are ... Vampires. I have one done and some more in the post.  The team can field up to six vampires! 

I even have a coach for the Vampire team. 

Well that is all for now. 

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