Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Gripping Beast Late Roman Heavy Cavalry finished (at last!)

they spent quite a while on the painting bench

      So, after two months of being retired I finally finished a wargames unit. At this rate I will have to be retired for about 170 years to just work through the pile of miniatures on the "urgent" desk. Not a good start at all. I do think that they turned out rather well. I painted them entirely with Americana acrylics, sprayed over with Krylon Workable Artists Matted Finish, then a light coat of Armory Matte finish spray. 

I still need to work on my shields, 
 or just break down and buy some decals

the ability to create slightly different poses or modify the figures
 is one of the best aspect of plastic miniatures

the whole unit was mustered in

and then joined Arthur and the rest of the army 

     The enormous amount of time these guys spent on the workbench was entirely due to my personal life intruding (once again!) on my painting schedule. They were a joy to paint, crisply cast, clearly detailed, with enough depth to the sculpting to allow the use of washes and drybrushing to make the details pop. 


  1. That is one handsome looking army.

  2. Looks good. I almost always find plastic easier to assemble and paint than metal.

  3. Thanks all,
    Certainly easier to assemble, plastic cement bonds faster and stronger than super-glue. I sometimes find that there is a "blurriness" to some of the detail on plastic kits as they near the draw angles of the mold. I still love them anyways.