Sunday, July 1, 2018

Size comparison QRF M-60 with Plastic Soldier Company M-60

     I imposed on R.U.P. to bring over some of his models so that I could get some side by side photos. He had some QRF kits of the M-60 in his collection and was kind enough to oblige me. R.U.P. had found the QRF models to be less than satisfactory but they were the only ones available when he was assembling his forces for Rock the Casbah.

R.U.P. added reactive armor, and extra guns, to his QRF kits
 to produce models of the Israeli Magach version

I'm no authority, but the turret on the QRF model seems very oddly shaped

the grids are 1/4"

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  1. I found that the Battlefront M60's are the best ones. They have the parts to make the IDF model. The PSC one are right behind them.