Monday, July 23, 2018

The Impossible has Happened!!!

     No, I didn't win the Lotto. But this did happen; twice, in the same evening, my Orc Blood Bowl team completed a pass!!!!!!!!!   Snab-Stab the Gobbo (a.k.a.  Concrete Paws) and Lineman B (they aren't entitled to names until they survive a season) both caught passes. I still lost both games but things are definitely looking up!

Snab-Stab ended up one square short of the end-zone when time ran out

Lineman B was so flummoxed by the fact that he had actually 
caught the ball that he was unable to evade the 'Umie players


  1. Lightning strikes twice! Earning those SPPs one at a time...

  2. Looked like a great time. As you know I was on bat patrol in my house. Late night one got into Amanda's bed room. I wish I knew how they got into the house.

  3. Orcs are underrated when it comes to the passing game. They got a thrower for a reason, after all. Expect the bash, surprise with pass.