Monday, May 11, 2020

Dusty Project XII, Last of the galleons

the Golden Hind in a rather bright and fanciful color scheme

and the Black Swan in an intensely dour paint ob

       After a brief pause to honor Mother's Day I once more returned to the workshop and knocked out the last two galleons; one a Pirate Ship and the other a Golden Hind.  I intentionally painted them to lok very different from the other models of their type to make it easier to keep track during a game. I won't bother you with the step-by-step of the build as they have already been covered when I first built the type; follow the links for a look at a review of the kits and my first build of that type.
viewed from another vessel the black hull is dark and menacing

but, from the crew's position, there is plenty of bright cheery colors

arrg! the Captain is a master of psychology!

again, I ditched the topgallants and moved a sail 
out onto the bowsprit to give the ship a more 1610 sort of look

the Golden Hind did not need such trickery
but the colors might be a little over-the-top for the period

the last copy was painted in a rather more historical manner

the decals really show better with a bright paint job

the entire fleet in review

       Now, the question is this; do I try my hand at scratchbuilding a couple of galeasses? Or do I dust off those Greek Hoplites in 28mm and give the Citadel contrast paint for flesh a try?

a size comparison with a ruler helps


  1. You've done a great job with all these kits. Looking forward to your battle reports. Have you decided on a rule set to use?


    1. Probably a heavily modified version of Wooden Ships & Iron Men that emphasizes the weak gunnery and tendency to board. I tinkered with modifying the Tercio rules but as yet have not managed to make that work.

  2. Great job! You really went from having a bunch of boxes to having a bunch of pretty ships quickly! 😀

    1. I did, didn't I? But I have to find a more comfortable chair for my workbench the last two weeks have taken a toll!

  3. More superb ships. I definitely vote for the Galleass!

  4. Hi Anton. I finally posted some pics of my ships on TMP. Unfortunately I posted under Swashbuckling and didn't receive much attention.
    I really like yours and wanted to show you how the cewmen look. Here's a link to the TMP post: