Friday, May 22, 2020

Dusty Projects XIVb Then The Winged Hussars Arrived!! UPDATED

       I found myself really struggling with painting these figures. They are fine miniatures despite their age, I just find painting 15mm figures to be taxing. So I put them down for a while and did other things for a bit to see about regaining my enthusiasm. Here are the results;

Then the Winged Hussars Arrived !
I needed a boost to my painting mojo so I watched The Day of the Siege and 
then put Sabaton on my phone to listen to while I went back to the brush

it seems to have worked

I just have to wait for the glue to dry so I can add the terrain effects
now I wish I had another six or eight cards of them!

       The figures were painted in an extremely varied style but I wanted to tie them all together somehow. For this I looked to history; warriors with the same ethos often used a sort of field sign (today they might refer to it as a "tag line"). One stand-out was red cloaks; from Sparta to Rome and beyond. Red is instantly recognizable, even at a distance, it makes a statement. The Polish Winged Hussars were that sort of troops too, so I opted for red cloaks. This gave me a chance to use the Citadel Contrast Colors  again to see how they perform on these tiny figures. I have to say that I am most pleased with the results. There is just enough sculpting on the cloak to catch and hold the paint and it does a very good job of creating highlights and shadows. Perhaps I should dig out those 28mm Spartans..............

they look better with the bases finished 

and accompanied by their faithful Haiduks

now I just need to round up some light cavalry


  1. Wow you have become a painting machine. Excellent paint work.

  2. Stunningly beautiful work. Especially in such a hateful little scale.

  3. In the end these guys came out looking great. I agree that really detailed 15mm troops can be a pain to paint. I’ve been doing 28s lately and it’s surprising how much easier it is to get the details. 😀

  4. I don't like painting 15's either, so I almost never do it. These fellows came out very well!

  5. Painting 15s makes my head and neck hurt and gives me cramps in my hands........
    That is why I gave away almost all of my unpainted ones earlier this year. But these have me thinking that I want a few more, is that madness?