Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Taking a Break From Dusty Projects

        Even though there still are a couple of models left on the "Dusty Projects" pile I couldn't restrain myself when I picked this lovely little model up from Michigan Toy Soldier yesterday. Actually, I bought three of them, they will help fill out the smaller end of the fleets for my Thirty Years War themed campaign. The models are definitely more 1660 than 1600 but are delightful all the same.

contents of the box, no decals but nicely sealed
 in bags to keep small bits from going missing in transit

typical Zvezda attention to detail, 
the entire stern is smaller than my thumbnail

this model shows the hallmark fine detail and perfect casting of Zvezda products

cannons and details attached to the main deck with ease

then that strange spine-like thing that has the lower deck cannons 
and also holds the whole model to gether

viewed this way it looks like some sort of strange insect,
it really is an ingenious bit of engineering to make all this work

and them the hull sides and stern popped into place

the delicate masts snapped into place

the ratlines really make the entire assembly a lot stronger

none of the period paintings that I could find showed topgallants being used in a battle
 so I removed the upper portions of all three masts, to give a more "in period"
 look I also took the square sail from the mizzen mast and attached it to bowsprit

the stern gallery detail is simply beautiful

there she is ready to join the fleet

the green/gold/white color pattern has caused me to name her the Leprechaun 

a little dark wash helps to highlight the fine detail on the stern

the obligatory family photo,
the Leprechaun is second from the right

slightly bigger than the Golden Hind, this kit neatly fills a gap in my fleet

       Another absolutely superb kit from Zvezda, the casting, detail and ease of assembly are unparalleled. This is a great little model that was a joy to assemble and paint. 
       Highly Recommended! 


  1. They really are amazing models!

  2. You’ve been simply Killing it with the ships. Well done! You’re getting such a fleet now. 😀