Monday, April 6, 2020

AD2020, First Quarter review

       Shamed as I am by The Housemartin's prodigious output over the last quarter I also find myself running almost a week late in my quarterly review. I had gotten off to a decent start but, over the last six weeks, the world has been turned on its ear by the latest gift from Communist China. I will confine my outburst to saying that I would dearly love to punch that rat-bastard Xi right in the face for what he did, the blood of thousands is on his hands.

       But on to happier things.

       Over the past quarter I managed 36 posts on this blog and five on the Epicurean Wars blog. Among those there was one book review, three convention reports (Battlefields, Flintcon and Spartacon) and two reports covering historical places that I have visited.

        A very large number of posts (14 to be exact) covered my adventure into 1/600 scale ACW ship models that was the product of a happenstance purchase at the Flintcon flea-market. An additional five covered my resumption of the Afghan Village project for my friend Zhodani Commando after a disastrous melt-down and fire situation (things have been moving along nicely in a solvent-free manner since then). Figure production is way down; fifty-three 15mm figures and a paltry three 28mm figures (I did assemble sixty 28mm Ancient Greek figures but they haven't got past priming so they really don't count), I did get nineteen of the lovely Thoroughbred Miniatures models completed and based and scratchbuilt a 1/600 model of the CSS Tennessee to go with them. Along the way I posted Andy Callan's wonderful ACW naval rules along with ship charts and firing templates. Over the past twelve weeks I managed to get in fifteen wargames but posted a paltry five AAR's between the two blogs.

       All told not a bad start to the year but scarcely worthy of the amount of free time that I have; I must do better this quarter!

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  1. Referring to him as "Winnie the Pooh" apparently really upsets him. I like to think of him that way.