Monday, April 13, 2020

This one is for R.U.P.

       Someone once told me "A promise too long delayed is little more than a lie". To my great shame I found the box full of these little gems while I was looking for something else. Quite a while ago I had offered to paint them for Rich Uncle Pat.  Well, at last, I have begun to make good on that promise. My apologies.
I drybrushed them with Americana "Barnwood"  (it seemed to just fit)
and then a very light second coat of white

then I washed red on coming most of the way down the walls
the doors got the same treatment but in green 
then I washed a pale tan up from below followed by a very light drybrushing in med brown

this is just successive layers of drybrushing up from the chocolate brown base

I might have to give the landing pad a wash in black,
it looks oddly purple

even though it is in 15mm the sandbags were very well rendered

       I also got started on the wooden fences.