Monday, April 20, 2020

Long Lost Project Challenge Updated! Again! And Yet Again!

       Having just completed one project that had laid dormant for a while, and just beginning another that was shunted aside for an embarrassingly long time, I have decided to challenge everyone to take a look in those dusty corners and find a project that you had started a while back but failed to finish. Get it out, dust it off, and get it done. Most of us will be imprisoned for at least the next three weeks which means that we have plenty of time to get cracking  and, if not finish the job, at least make some substantial progress.

       I have finished Zodhani Commando's Afghan terrain and now I'm working on Rich Uncle Pat's shanty-town buildings. After I have completed that I am going to get out my 1/350 scale 17th century fleets and get them built and painted so that the naval components of the Great Epicurean Wars will be properly represented.
      There is no prize, and precious few accolades, just a chance to challenge yourself and encourage others. Please post your project in the comments section with a link to your blog. For those without a blog or web page send a photo of your progress to me at (Challenge Project in the title please) and I will post your progress in an update to this entry.

       OldSarge gets first dibs for sending me the link to his Samurai Castle project; he has been 3-D printing this thing for a while now.

        The Housemartin has promised that his Zepplins vs Blimps project will take off soon, we await photos and a link. 

       I finally got R.U.P.s 15mm shanty-town buildings finished;

fences and miscellaneous structures

and the shanties

and R.U.P. sent this photo (of his remarkably well-organized workbench)
 and his Stargrunt army (third one, I believe) which is nearing completion

and it seems that The Housemartin's project has really taken off!

now it is off to the races with some tiny boat models


  1. Does a 48 inch long Samurai castsle wall with two corner towers and one massive front gate enterance count? The main gate tool 4 days two 3d printer running non-stop. Had stop the production because I ran out of filament. Amazon dropped off what I needed after 2 weeks....

    1. You get full credit!
      That will be a gigantic effort to paint!

  2. Skycaptain will be bringing the Zeppelins vs Blimps to the party of tomorrow.

  3. Here is the link to my Samurai Castle Wall.