Thursday, April 2, 2020

Anton's Quarterly review is on its way

But for the meantime, again with Anton's permission I will briefly regale you with my accomplishments

As I enjoyed Anton's quarterly reviews of his staggering production last year it struck me that I was not getting much done.  The more I thought about it the more I could not think of anything I had painted last year at all.  That got me thinking and I eventually realized that I produced nothing last year at all in this hobby.  I resolved that this year would be different - I would be productive!

The DO-17's and Blenheims in my reviews represent the winding down phase of my aircraft work.  I have about a dozen more planes to paint and about 40 jets for a separate project.  As I put them away in their cases I realized something.

Maybe?  (These 57 Axis planes, 18 Vichy French and 39 Nazi's).

Just Maybe?  (33 more planes 3 more Nazi's, 24 polish planes in French service and six Russian planes)

I have overdone this!!  (51 British planes 24 carrier/coastal command planes, 9 bombers, and 18 RAF fighters)

Beyond this I also finished up a long standing project involving Native Americans, the Tlingits to be specific.  I had always been interested in them, and obtained the figures years ago.  I finally found a good set of rules for them last year (Crucible Crush's Flint and Feather) so I got started on the figures in January.

Here they are with their erstwhile Aleut enemies/victims.

Naturally, for more of a challenge the Tlingits demand the Russians, so here they are as well.  The top four rolls are generic colonial types with women and children.  The bottom six rows are Russians,about an even split of early late and military types.

Along the way I sort of accidentally collected some generic Native Americans so I put them in proper table order as well.

Iroquois are on the left.  Huron are on the right.  Women, children and sachems are on the top.

All totaled another 120 or so figures painted this year.

Finally I also painted some fantasy figures for another skirmish game that I really like, but just have not gotten around to focusing on yet.  The game is called Carnevale and is set in and alternative earth in 1795 where Cthulhu etc have returned during the French Revolution.  Chaos ensues.

Many of these I painted a couple of years ago, but a dozen of them were this year as well.

So, not too bad of a quarter by my standards.  Anton's work is beautiful there is no competition, I have always contented myself with being plentiful.

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