Thursday, April 2, 2020

Is that a "Flying Pencil" in my eye

Here is the review of Shapeways work and the painting of my Dornier DO-17's
First of, allow me to acknowledge that the version of the DO-17 that I purchased is the early version.  This is what all DO-17's looked like up to the "J" model.  Some of the "K" models also looked this way, the company then changed to radial engines creating the more commonly known appearance.  Since I am planning on going no further than the battle of Britain in general and this version was used into Russia, it worked fine for me.  

Here we have a Dornier next to its even larger Junckers JU-52 associate, and all three of the Dorniers laid out next o each other.  

Dornier Do-17 Z-2 3D ModelAsisbiz DORNIER-DO-17 Dornier Do 17E,9KG77,3Z+AT,landing,accident ...
The Camouflage pattern on the model to the left is the target on the Dornier version on the right.  

Once again the sky blue bottom was in order.  I must say the Nazi's insistence on this color for their underbellies had to make spotting who to shoot at from the ground much easier.  It surprised me that they did not take more casualties from AA guns.  

After I painted the camouflage on I noted a mistake that the discerning viewer will also note, I screwed up and reversed the colors on the camouflage painting, but in the end decided to just roll with it as it looked reasonably good.  

Next up came the glass and machine guns.  Another reason I loved this plane was the silly machine gun pointed out the front windshield.  I just love the idea that in combat the "co-pilot" had nothing better to do then shoot a machine gun at anything that got in front of the bomber.  

Again the retracted wheels and ventral defensive machine gun needed panting.  

Here is the painted finished product with the propeller hub painted dark green.  

Once again the stickers were selected in stead of decals for reinforcement of the model.  Here they can be seen on the under wings.  

Here the decals are in place on the upper wings above the model you can see my favorite ruler.  The blue plastic piece can be slid along to mark a set distance and thus make sure that you decal is the same distance from each wing tip.  A very handy thing indeed for my purpose. 

This time through I remembered to take pictures after I put Anton's magic wash on, my bottle can be seen in the background of the upper surfaces picture.  In the middle of the same photo another bottle has pure floor wax in it.  I used this liberally in two coats after the black wash was on and dried to cement down the stickers.  

Here is a close up of the planes after the light flat/matte coat has been added to tamp down the glare from the wash.  First the bottom

And here is the entire wing, ready to deliver the German people's righteous wrath on the enemies of the fatherland.  

Over all, the Shapeways products are reasonable priced at about $9 each, which is slightly less than the going rate for Warlord Games bombers, and significantly less than the list price for Warlord's bombers.  Shapeways models are more accurate than some of the warlord games planes, as some of Warlord's products are made out of soft plastic and tend to warp.  We will see how they stand up to usage, but I am very happy with the finished products.  


  1. Nice paint job! What scale is it? (BTW -- Photos except two aren't least for me.)


  2. Never mind. I just saw your *previous* post that it's for Blood Red Skies, so 1/200 scale.

  3. My apologies to all and especially Schogun. Technology is not my thing. I could always see all the pictures, but apparently only I could. However, I believe that all is resolved now.