Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Strelets Confederates Defending 20mm 1/76

 the front of the box

       Strelets continues to expand their massive American Civil War line with this latest addition; Confederate Infantry In Defence. Having comprehensive covered the Confederate army on the offensive we now see them standing on the defensive. This set provides an excellent selection of Confederate soldiers firing and reloading, you can almost see them standing atop Marye's Heights at Fredricksburg. The figures are cast in a stiff but flexible gray plastic that holds detail well and displays little flash or mold-lines. Inside the box you will find one sprue of command and casualty figures and three sprues of soldiers. The uniforms and equipment are correct for mid to late war. The proportion and posing of the figures is top-notch , the sculptor captures the look of the baggy uniforms quite well and the equipment is well detailed. These should be a joy to paint and will look great in a wargaming unit or as part of a diorama.

          Very Highly Recommended

 the rear of the box provides a good idea of the contents

the box with contents,
 one command sprue and three sprues of soldiers

the command sprue, side A

the command sprue, side B

excellent detail and a good job of capturing the facial fuzzieness of the Confederate army
the American Civil War was our beardiest war, I also like the shot-torn standard
trooper sprue, side A

trooper sprue, side B

excellent detail and posing

 the depth of sculpting will make these figures
 a prime candidate for the new Citadel Contrast paints

this old veteran is calmly lining up his shot
 the sculptor has done a fine job with this set

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