Thursday, April 30, 2020

Dusty Project Challenge Part VI, The Revenge

        In an effort to force the pace on the COVID-19 lockdown modeling challenge I have been trying to keep on a one-ship-a-day pace, but it is difficult. Today we look at the Revenge, another fine kit from the Zvezda stable of 1/350 scale kits. Flawlessly molded in a soft tan plastic this snap-tite model displays the elegant detail and innovative design that the rest of this series demonstrates. Another set of superb decals accompany the model as well.

inside the colorful outer box is a plain but sturdy corrugated box
 that protects the delicate model from the hazards of shipping

inside that box is the model ...

....complete with a superb set of decals

the perfectly molded (no hint of flash or mold-lines) 
kit comes in three colors (I'm reminded of the old Matchbox kits)

detail is fine, the parts are delicately sculptred

cast sails and premolded ratlines, a tad thick of "in-scale" modeling, 
but for a wargamer, they are perfect

ther main deck, after trying to paint fully and partially assembled models
 I have learned to paint as much as is possible while the kit has yet to be assembled

which includes painting the ship's boat....

....and those tiny, tiny cannon, 
yes this time I checked to be sure they were visible before I did so

the deck approaches completion

again the decals save me from trying to paint
 the wild geometric patterns that characterized Elizabethan ships

then it was time to assemble the hull, this was rather tricky trying to get the angled guns in the forecastle to poke through the gunports while aligning the elongated prow of the ship
Zvezda is really pushing the limits of the snap-tite genre with this kit

but eventually I managed to get everything together, I was forced to use plastic
 cement to get a couple of gaps to close fully, words cannot express my dismay 😉

then it was off to the races with the decals
astoundingly the entire side was just two large decals and two tiny ones

after the decals had been given time to dry it was time for the ratlines,
in this case I ended up gluing the two rear sets in place, the locating holes 
were simply too small for my fingers to hold the parts in place to get a proper snap-fit

then it was yard arms and sails

it certainly looks sleek and lethal

the family photo so far

       Another fine kit from Zvezda, this model amply demonstrates the high quality and attention to detail that have become the hallmark of its from this manufacturer. The decals are outstanding, the fit of parts is excellent and the casting is flawless.  I would happily recommend this kit as a great way to spend an afternoon; it is ready to wargame with as it is out of the box but with a little further work it would make a great display model.