Thursday, April 30, 2020

Dusty Projects Part VII A Random Spanish Nao

actually it is just the Santa Maria in fancy dress

       Still trying to hit one model a day. The Revenge took a bit out of me so I scaled back my aim and built one of the simplest kits in the pile the Santa Maria. Stock out of the box except I added a row of gunports along the side (simply squares of card glued on the side). I had painted ones on the Santa Maria but found the effect unconvincing. This is a little better, on the next one I think that I will drill holes and square them up with the door open above and a bit of sprue for a cannon.

I didn't bother with a review or a step-by-step build as it is the same as the Santa Maria

the gunports are  better, but not by much

and there they are, side by side