Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Go Big, or Go home! Zvezda 1/350 San Martin

the front of the box has some nice artwork

        Continuing with my lockdown inspired building spree I knocked this one together this afternoon. I should have suspected something was up when the box was twice the size of the Golden Hind kit and had some real heft to it, this kit is a hulking beast. That is not to say that it isn't as beautifully detailed as any other model that you would get from Zvezda; it simply dwarfs the previous two kits in this series.

the back of the box is a bit more honest and provides a good idea of what to expect inside

what I didn't expect was this, a very sturdy corrugated box inside the fancy printed one
it did an excellent job of protecting the model inside 

the contents, I noticed right away that this model is a LOT larger than the previous kits

hulls sides and other details

further details and the removeable lower hull
I almost feel bad building these as waterline kits, 
they went to the trouble of putting planking detail on the entire bottom

ratlines, lots of 'em!

this rather bizarre looking get-up is the inner frame that 
makes the snap-tite thing work, as well as the ships guns

cast sails, I'm not sure which makes me happier; cast sails or molded ratlines

more of those gorgeous decals

the deck going together, detail was crisp and fine

I'm a bit miffed that I went and painted all those tiny guns
 before I realized that they would be hidden between decks!

the brilliantly bizarre inner frame that functions as a spine as well as the ship's battery

with the inner frame assembled I just had to add the hull sides and deck

they went together in a snap, fit and finish were perfect

as look at that frame holding all of the model together
 and poking dozens of tiny cannon barrels out through the gunports

when I realized that I had to paint tall those black lines 
I had fond memories of the decals on the Golden Hind!

but, soon enough, I was done and adding the masts and yards

the crow's nest cleverly snaps down over the tops of the ratlines
 ensuring that they stay snapped in place

starting to look like a ship now

and even better with sails added, especially because of those amazing decals

the decal on the mainsail has at least five colors, they are all perfectly on register
the colors are brilliant and they film is very thin

a family photo, you get an idea of the size of this model

next is the Revenge, a large English galleon

       I feel that I am at risk of sounding like a broken record repeating myself about the quality of these models. The detail is precise and fine, the casting is flawless and the decals are superb. I would recommend these to anyone seeking a modeling project or a wargaming piece.


  1. Really like the ships from that period.
    Looks like another good game option coming!

    1. And we can play games with ships that I can actually see!