Saturday, April 11, 2020


       Anybody that is old enough to remember the song by The Knack gets extra points!

        Being as we are all sentenced to house arrest until at least the end of the month and are thus unable to get together to game I am considering taking part in that foul heresy of Computer Gaming!
So anybody in the gaming clan that wishes to participate needs to reply in the comments section with their equipment specifications so that we can see what sort of games we can organize.
       Space Hulk and Blood Bowl are good bets, and it seems that Steam has Bolt Action loaded with a bunch of terrain and armies already set up and ready to use. Include in your reply the sort of game and platform that you would like to use. At this point I am wide open.
        Desperate times, indeed!!!


  1. If you want to do a video Space Hulk, I'd be more than happy to run the Space Marines on your game board. It would be easier for you to run the Aliens, as all I would have to do is tell you what to do. I have a mid level graphic card, video and audio, and able to use Skype to communicate or Webex.


  2. Replies
    1. Kudos, old-timer (or are you just a fan of flash-in-the-pan rock bands?)

  3. Did you know he lead singer of The Knack was Geoffrey Fieger's older brother? What's more, sales of "Get the Knack" their one hit album put Geoffrey Fieger through Law School. Now that the older brother is dead I read that Geoffrey get the royalties from that son. I know how Anton loves Geoffrey Fieger.


    I will try other stuff.

    I have a bog standard HP Pavillion, I can also pry the Chrome book away from the kids if necessary.

    1. It is truly sad that the Fieger with the talent died and criminal survived

  4. Wargame: Red Dragon

    Despite my vested interests in moderns and micro-armor, this actually brings together everything that large scale miniature wargaming wishes it could replicate.

  5. Bolt Action is a mod for Tabletop Simulator, available on Steam and other sites. It costs $19.95 regularly but goes on sale often for $9.95. Each player needs to have TTS though to play. (There is also a 4-pack at a discount you can share with others.) Once you have TTS, the mods are free. There are tons of games including What a Tanker and many Field of Glory games. I just bought TTS last week but how to use it is still confusing to me. So ask me no questions! lol

  6. Saga is now on steam. I just loaded it. I got a Powerspec gaming computer. Steam has some great deal. I have Pike & Shott. Got the for 2.99 on sale. Roll 20 is another source for gaming. My grandson is using that. Another free computer software is on Vassal. There just about any board game you can imagine is there. It has options for multiup players. Shadow run as $14.00 for the collection.

  7. I have airland battle & Red dragon

    My PC can handle just about any current game