Monday, April 13, 2020

Crated up and ready to go!

crated up and rarin' to go!

        That is if our Governor ever lets Michigan free from time-out. I made the side-panels that transform the bases of the Afghanistan terrain boards into a crate for storage and handling and assembled them, now I just await permission to drive across town to drop them off to Zhodani Commando. I feel like a drug dealer waiting to move a shipment.
        Perhaps we could "accidentally" go shopping at the same grocery store and "somehow" happen to have the items with us and make the drop there..........we would probably be the target of a State Police Task Force that would swoop in and arrest the both of us for standing outdoors in a windy parking lot (we would obviously be MUCH SAFER inside the grocery store with all those other people in a stagnant cloud of virus-laden air). I guess that I will just wait until the end of the month for the next extension of our state-wide house arrest sentence. Maybe I could have Door-Dash to deliver it?
the side panels are the leftover pieces of the sheet of plywood

the bolt passes through the plywood side and then through the 1x2 frame
 of the terrain panel and is secured on the inside with another washer and a nut

the fragile edge of the epoxy river is protected from contact during storage and trasportation

and both panels are held far enough apart to ensure that they don't suffer damage

I have to go out to the garage and see if I have some
 more 1/4" plywood sheet to fully enclose the crate   


  1. Nice. Here is CHesterfield, MI at the Home depot. The chesterfield police where watching the garden center for people breaking the law. Buying seeds and flowers is violation of the lock down. Also the Walmart has the furniture and home good roped off. Same goes for the garden center. The tire department can only fix flats. I you need a copilot for the run I'm available

  2. That looks great Anton! Can't wait to get it, but I am patient.

    I know all of us are chomping at the bit to go out. But ya all need to just relax. Your only supposed to be going out for essentials like food and medicine. Buying flowers and seeds, and furniture right now is not an essential, though I know I've opened a Pandora box here by saying so.

    My Wife works for Beaumont Hospital, some of you who do not see the other end of the stick, be glad you do not. This is highly contagious, more than what you think. We are ALL stressed out over this. I think Michiganders are pretty solid, we can grumble, but we wolverines stick together.

    Cheers mates

    Anton you can bring my shit anytime on that mini sub your building in your basement;)

  3. But wouldn't that make you "sharing" the "airing"? Such action is dangerous, it could go "VIRAL"!

  4. Very clever!
    In back up to what Kevin said, while you could get Covid-19 and have minimal to no symptoms, more likely it would be like the worst Flu you ever had, and EVERYONE has the chance of getting severely ill and dying. Yes, it's worse the older and sicker you are, but we've had healthy 50 year olds die from it.Our parent hospital has 100 Covid patients in it right now, with more than 30 on ventilators. I myself have shifted from outpatient work to full time hospital work to take some of the load off the regular hospital doctors, and more than a few of my primary care colleagues are doing the same. Some of our office staff has been diverted to support work in the hospital.

    1. Oh, I agree. As an "at risk" person I take all rational precautions, I just question our zero-achievement Governor's assessment as to what is "essential". In Michigan booze, weed, and Lotto are essential, but paint, clothing and gardening supplies are not. Probably because of the high tax revenues from the state-sponsored vices, just my guess.

      I in no way advocate that anyone engage in an activity that would put another at risk. I just don't see any scientific basis for banning two people from standing (six feet apart) and talking outdoors. Our esteemed Governor has banned me from crossing the street to help my neighbor who just had a child and can't leave her house. Her relatives have to drive across metro Detroit to come and assist her.

    2. For sure the details can be argued. In CT, it is gatherings of more than 4 people. So you can say, hike outside with a small group as long as you keep your distance.