28mm Plastic Figure reviews Perry, Victix WF etc etc

The below linked review have picture of both sides of  the sprues along with some close-ups of the details
Horse size comparison between the  different manufacturers

28mm Horse sizes

Wargames Atlantic new range of minis can be seen here

1940 British Expeditionary Force

Citizens of Rome

Medieval Foot Knights 1150-1320

Great War Russian Infantry   and assembled

Afghan Cavalry

28mm Great War British Infantry , assembled here

28mm Landsknecht Ogres

28mm? Harvesters (alien bugs)


28mm Near-Future Space Marines

28mm SAS and German Sentries for 02 Hundred Hours

28mm World War One German Stormtroopers  painted
28mm Dark Ages Irish Warriors 

28mm Dark Ages Gothic Foot   assembled  and painted

28mm Boxers 

28mm Conquistadors

28mm French Resistance   assembled and painted

28mm French WW1 and WW2 Infantry 

28mm WW2 Italian Infantry

28mm Panzer Lehr

28mm 95th Rifles

28mm Eisenkern Stormtroopers 

28mm Sci-Fi Bulldogs (Space Brits)

28mm Sci-Fi Cannon Fodder, Part I, Males

28mm Cannon Fodder, Part II, females

28mm Prussian Reserve infantry

Follow the links to the photo reviews of the very fine Perry Brothers Plastic models

28mm Duchy of Warsaw Infantry Battalion
28mm Prussian Infantry
28mm Mercenaries 1450-1500 
Mounted Knights 1450-1500
28mm British Infantry 1877-1885
28mm Mahdists Ansars
28mm AWI British Center Company
28mm Union Civil War Infantry

Follow these links to the (sadly defunct) Wargames Factory line (items marked with a star have been re-released by Warlord Games in different quantities and packaging)

War of Spanish Succession Artillery review*
Building the WSS Artillery
WSS Infantry review*
WSS Cavalry review*
Persian Cavalry review
Persian Infantry
Greek Heavy Hoplites review
Sci-Fi Shock Troops
Sci-Fi Heavy Weapons
Japanese Ashigaru*
Japanese Samurai* 

These links will lead to photo review of Victrix's fine models

Spartan Hoplites Review 
Athenian Hoplites review
Austrian Landwehr review
Napoleonic British Artillery review

Follow these links to some of Fireforge's excellent line of figures

Teutonic Knights review
Mounted Sergeants review
Foot Sergeants review
Russian Foot review

Ashigaru Shooters (bow or musket)

Samurai Shooters (bow or musket)



These links will lead to reviews of Warlord Games products

British Regulars for the French and Indian Wars
French Regulars for the French and Indian Wars
Unmarried Zulu Regiment
Natal Native Contingent
British Infantry for the Zulu Wars
Prussian Landwehr
oldSarge's Romans
Ruined Hamlet (not the play! it is a village)

Gripping Beast's Dark Ages goodies

Dark Ages Cavalry   
Late Roman Heavy Cavalry
Late Roman Infantry
Arab Spearmen and Archers

Conquest Miniatures Knights and such.... Very nice indeed!
Medieval Knights
Norman Foot Knights
Norman Knights Mounted 


Great Escape Games