Perry's Plastic 28mm miniatures Photo reviews

I am trying this feature to avoid clogging the blog up entirely with photo reviews of minis, I have made arrangements with the kind folks at Michigan ToySoldier to gain access to all of the lines of plastic minis that they carry for photo reviews (this means that I don't have to buy then all just to get pictures). If this works I will be migrating the photo reviews over to their own pages and just leave notices of the updates as they come in.

With no further ado I will present the first batch of Perrys Plastic 28mm figures (more coming soon).

First we have the War of the Roses Infantry, these are also useful for the later part of the Hundred Years War as well as mercenaries in Europe (some English units were as far from home as Italy and the Balkans) there is, unsurprisingly, a strong emphasis on longbowmen;

Next we will see the British Line Infantry of the Napoleonic Wars, these are equipped for the secong half of the Napoleonic Wars and will also do for British troops in the War of 1812, they are provided with both the "stovepipe" and Belgic shakoes so that cover both the troops in Spain under Wellington and the troops involved in the Waterloo campaign.

I have to again remark on the Perrys near-perfect proportions and posing.

The faces are amazing


command sprue

The new American Civil War Zouaves, these troops were quite the fashion at the beginning of the ACW, not really a practical uniform for the American continent (and expensive as well!) they faded away toward the end of the war.

lots of color choices, they were used by both sides
active, yet natural, poses

American Civil War Cavalry

Perry horses are even better than their men (that sounds bad....)

And, last but not least, the American Civil War Infantry, I managed to paint an entire box of these over a weekend, I will post the results in a bit. These are great figures and paint very well.

There you have them, I will add new entries to the top of the post as I secure pictures, readers are welcome to submit photos of painted minis along with any details they feel are pertinent.

Here are the results of a weekend spent painting the ACW Infantry as Confedates;