Zvezda and Plastic Soldier Company Wargaming Models

Follow these links to see reviews of Zvezda's fine models

1/350th scale ships

Revenge 1/350th  review and build
Santa Maria 1/350th review and build 
Golden Hind 1/350th review and build
San Martin 1/350th review and build 
Black Swan Pirate ship 1/350th review and build

1/100 scale tanks and vehicles

KV-I kit review
KV-I build
BA-10 review and build 
Panzer II, T-26 and Panzer III  
Building the PZ II, T-26 and PZ III
Panzer III Flam review
Building the Panzer III Flam
T-26 Flamethrower kit review
T-26 flamethrower build
Pz 38t Kit review
Building the Pz 38t
AEC Matador kit review
AEC Matador build
Hawker Hurricane review
Hawker Hurricane build
Matilda MK II review
KV-II and Matilda Mk I kit reviews 
GAZ truck review
 GAZ Truck build
SDKFZ 251 build
Katyusha build
Katyusha, BT-5 and SDKFZ 251  Reviews
Building the BT-5
Me-109 kit review 
Stuka review
Lagg-3 kit review 
IL-2 Strumovik review
Building the Lagg-3, IL-2, Stuka and Me-109
Painting the IL-2. Lagg-3, Stuka and Me-109
Opel Blitz kit review
Building the Opel Blitz
STUG III review and build
Panzer IV kit review
Building the PZ IV
T-34 kit review
Building the T-34
T-44 review and build
ISU-152 Review and build
Jagdpanther review and build 
Panther Review and Build

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1/100th scale tanks, figures and vehicles

Review Panzer III f/g/h
Building the Panzer III f 
Building the Panzer III g
Building the Panzer III h
Building the STUG III early model
oldSarge's STUG III early model build
Review STUG III F8/G 
Building the STUG III F8
Building the STUG IIIg and 105 Haubitze
Review Panzer IV 
Building the Panzer IV
Review SDKFZ 251c
Building the SDKFZ 251c 
Review SDKFZ 251d
Review Late War German Infantry
Review Tiger I 
Review Panzer V Panther
M4A1 Sherman review
Building the M4A1 Sherman
Review M4A2 Sherman
Building the M4A2 Sherman
Review Russian 45mm Anti-tank gun
Review Russian ZIS 2/3 76mm gun 
Review Russian T-70 Light Tank
Review Russian T-34  76/85 and Infantry in Summer Uniforms
Building the T-34 76 and 85
Review Russian Heavy Weapons 

Cold war subjects from PSC
Soviet Cold War Infantry
Cold War Workhorse Pt I the M-60 
Cold War Workhorse Pt II the T-55